Vendredi 31 mars au Collège Saint Michel

 Many thanks to Ms Leprince, Spanish teacher and to Ms Oudot, English teacher, for the activities they took time to prepare to allow  our partners to meet  their students and speak with them. 
All enjoyed  it very much.

 Congratulations to Ms Le Campion, French teacher, who managed to make the French and American students discover a classic French play, Cyrano de Bergerac, before encouraging them to play the text in costumes... they did a very good job. Well done !

 Ready to eat a special rice lunch in order to get money for different associations together with the whole school.

...so did we

 Let's go LLA our partners walked or run with the different grades. There were no lessons this afternoon and for each kilometer they earned some more money for associations, for instance to buy dogs to help disabled people, or for medical researches...

Best student keeper in sight :-)
I think Iam not wrong saying Nora and Sebastian did really very well at it, sorry if I forget somebody 

After school, shower and a nice but quick meal, most of the group met at 8.30 pm to go to the movie in Liffré and see Kong, the skull island. I was eventually worried when I discovered it was quite violent but they enjoyed it...at least those who didn't fall asleep !!!

On the way to the cinema, Lilian's mum took very nice pics of some of our boys at the entrance of school. Thanks for sharing.