Lundi 27 mars 2017 Cours et Cap multisports

We experienced a very sporty day with the group !

First they all attended a sports lesson with Mr Hervé Colin ;  thank you Hervé for taking the group today to play badminton, the students really appreciated !

Then we had a very nice walk in the forest, 10 mns walk from school. People use to come there for walks, run or practice sports, so did we while the frenchies were attending a maths lesson ! Kind of local Washington park !

 Don't worry, we don't forget doing homework, the group is really serious, working even at the airport on the way to Rennes !

After that, time to experience a first meal at the school restaurant with our wonderful Chef, Olivier, cooking fresh food for hundreds of pupils everyday, useless to say everybody enjoyed it !

Thank you so much Mister Olivier Marquet !

Not even tired, the group met many kids from school during lunch break before taking a nice bus to our funny activity on the sand. 

Thanks a lot to Samuel who welcomes us each year at CAP MULTISPORTS in La Mézière in Rennes for this wonderful time during which each kid can  use his skills to help his team win an activity ! at the end of the day, everybody has been praised by the rest of the group :-)

Congratulations to everybody, to the blue team, and especially to Lily, THE WINNER

See you tomorrow for a science workshop and historical visit in Rennes !